Protect Your Rights With a Panama Electronic Affidavit

In the context of the Panama Papers investigation, it was found that many offshore companies had their records stored in digital storage servers which permitted access by law enforcement authorities for years.

An electronic affidavit is a sworn statement that is filed to a U.S. courtroom as evidence in a legal proceeding. The individual registering the sworn statement has to swear to the truth of the information contained herein. There aren’t any physical records to be faxed or sent to a U.S. court. Instead, the person must submit to the court electronically or by email a signed digital Affidavit. An affidavit can be used in any criminal or civil proceeding where the parties are United States citizens or subjects.

In United States federal courts, an affidavit is generally a handwritten statement that describes a individual’s claim or subject matter. For example, if someone were applying for entry as a witness, a sworn statement would be filed with the court and recorded. On appeal, a individual can avoid the lengthy process of taking a deposit by filing electronically. Once the documents are filed, the case will proceed with no deposition. To expedite a case, if a motion for admission is being created, the opposing party may file a movement to electronic delivery.

By electronically filing a Panamanian Affidavit, one is better able to keep applicable documents that are difficult or not possible to store in electronic format. Additionally, it allows a foreign national access to highly privileged information that’s secure in the home country. Because electronic delivery is secure, the process of maintaining records is easy and timely. By accomplishing this, one can make sure that records will remain available when needed.

In the context of this Panama Papers evaluation, it was discovered that many offshore companies had their documents stored in digital storage servers which permitted access by law enforcement authorities for ages. A copy of each letter, wire transfer arrangement, along with other documentation regarding the transactions of the companies was needed to be filed with the court when necessary. The Panama Papers given an opportunity to conduct global investigations employing these sworn statements and expose that the offshore banking and business practices of the planet’s elite and well-connected.

Electronic delivery has revolutionized the deposit process. Gone are the days of having to trade physical copies of a record. One can now simply send an electronic version through the email or fax. Documents can be filed electronically and could be obtained by any recipient in a matter of hours. This implies one no longer has to wait weeks or even months to get information in the mail regarding a significant court case.

As mentioned before, the Panamanian government protects its citizens from human rights abuses and violence. The right to privacy is guaranteed in the constitution and other pertinent laws. Any violation of this right is punished with fines as well as imprisonment. By ensuring one’s own safety, and getting the assistance of an experienced electronic detection service, a individual is protecting their constitutional rights and trying to build a positive future for themselves and their family. If you believe you have been subjected to a human rights abuse, you should contact a lawyer that specializes in such scenarios.

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